PO Box 247
12829 St. Route 613
Van Buren, Ohio 45889
419-299-3000 Fax


The Allen Township Center will be closed until further notice to support the effort to stop the COVID-19 Virus.

 Allen Township is located in North Central Hancock County in Northwest Ohio.  Township government consists of three elected Trustees and an elected Fiscal Officer. 
The Township is home to the Village of Van Buren, Van Buren State Park, three major distribution centers, the World’s largest dishwasher manufacturing plant, and many other businesses, large and small.

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Other Information and Statistics
  • Regular township meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 8:00PM at Allen Township Center, 12829 St. Route 613, Van Buren, OH 45889.
  • Population is 2,533. (2010 Census)
  • There are 39.266 miles of township roads. (per ODOT 12/31/2020)
  • Allen Township is not currently zoned.
  • The Allen Township Fire Department consists of thirty volunteers and eight pieces of apparatus, operating out of two stations.
  • Property Valuation, as of 1/1/2020, was $142,964,220. (per County Auditor)
  • Allen Township Boundaries
    • North – State Route 18 (Wood County Line)
    • East – Township Road 232
    • West – County Road 140
    • South – City of Findlay