Allen Township was the last township created in Hancock County.  Organized in June 1850, it was composed of the the West side of Cass and the East side of Portage townships, taking 12 sections from each.  It was named after General Ethan Allen, who was famous for his part in the Revolutionary War. 
Nathan Frakes, in 1827, was the first to settle in what is now Allen Township.  The area was an unbroken forest at that time.  The first schoolhouse, a log structure, in what was to become Allen Township, was built in 1836.  At one time the township had nine school buildings, including a two room schoolhouse in the Village of Van Buren.  
In 1843, the Pleasant Hill and Ebenezer societies combined to form the West Union Church and later built their frame building church in Van Buren in 1855.  Rev. George Van Eman was the first pastor.  The Baptist Church, the United Brethren, and others were later started in Allen Township.
The Village of Van Buren was laid out in 1833, before Allen Township was established, and was incorporated in 1866.  The Village was named after Martin Van Buren, who later became the President of the United States.  Daniel Frick was the first mayor.  The Post Office was established in 1837.  Dr. George Spring was the first postmaster. 
A town called Silverwood was established in 1833, but the Post Office was named Mortimer, so the town took that name.  The town has also been know as North Findlay, but the Post Office was closed some years ago.
Credits – Ohio Historical Marker,  The Courier – Historical Highlights article, unknown date.